Americans will spend around $2,100 on home energy this year due to cold weather related costs. Sometimes it’s as little as a crack in the floor. Other times is as complicated as an electrical issue. This season, prepare your home for the bitter cold by tidying up even the smallest elements to avoid high energy costs.

Seal, Fix, Replace

Before the cold weather creeps up, tighten up loose ends around your home. Low-flow shower heads and faucets help maintain the water bill each month. Insulate windows, seal cracks in doors, floors, and walls to keep out drafts. If need be, now is the time to replace those faulty windows. You can save 20% on your monthly winter energy cost just by having proper insulation. Your local electrical repair Denver technician has an eye for spotting faulty fixtures to keep you safe this holiday season. You can also reduce the water heater temperature to 130 degrees (fahrenheit) to save on heating costs. It might be beneficial to wrap your water heater in a specially designed ‘blanket’ that’s made to retain heat throughout the winter.

Clean or Change Filters

HVAC systems need to be cleaned regularly, especially before a new season begins. Clean your A/C ducts and/or furnace to prevent dirt buildup that slows the airflow and ultimately makes the system worker harder to warm your home.

Light Efficiency

Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient LED or CFL lights to minimize energy usage by a third. Remember to turn off all lights upon leaving a room. Battery powered or motion-sensor lights for nighttime use will work just as effectively.

Laundry Care

Did you know that washing your clothes in hot water uses energy? Fortunately, switching to cold water for some or all of your laundry during the winter can save you up to $60 per year!

New Thermostat

Install a new programmable thermostat to control the heat settings at any time in your home. If you know that your house will be vacant throughout the day, you can adjust it to a lower setting. This can reduce cost by 10%.

Before winter gets too comfortable, check your home to ensure you’re prepared to keep the heat from inside of your home separate from the bitter cold air outside. The licensed electrician specialists at New Electric have been servicing the Denver, Colorado area for over 30 years. They’re equipped to handle all electrical needs from home automation to retail and medical facilities. Contact one of our expert team members for a whole house electrical inspection today!