Offering Budget-Friendly Electrical Repair Services in Denver

At New Electric, our electrical contractors offer a wide range of electrical services to our clients for residential, commercial and even industrial purposes. We work with the main aim of satisfying our client’s needs providing them with high quality work solving all their electrical service problems. With our reliable past work experience ranging up to 47 years we can say that we have the right kind of expertise and technical know-how when it comes to offer customer-oriented electrical services and solutions.

At New Electric, we provide everything ranging from installation, programming to maintenance. How we are different is owing to our expertise required for the purpose of resolving electrical needs. We identify the scope of every project and then accordingly offer the right kind of solutions to our clients. We also make sure that we are constantly in touch with our clients from the inception of the project to its overall completion informing and discussing about their needs and how to go about it? Thus, we take pride in calling ourselves as one of the best electrical contracting services in Denver.

At New Electric, what makes us stand apart is our credibility, honesty and dedication towards our work. Thus, if you are looking for services regarding electrical repairing in Denver then we are your best choice.

What We Offer?

At New Electric we provide our customers with a wide spectrum of electrical repairs and remodeling services for their homes. Our team of master electricians and experts see to it that proper functionality and and security of the home electrical systems. We provide:

  • Heaters

Want to choose the right heaters for your home or need help in fixing them then we at New Electric are your right choice when it comes to offering electrical services in Denver.

  • Home Automation

We also provide our clients with the best home automation services according to their specific needs and requirements. We provide affordable installation and easy design.

  • Home Rewires

It is quite important to have your house wiring in shape. Our licensed electricians make sure that you are provided with the best home rewire services at affordable pricing.

  • Hot Tubs

Our master technicians and experts can help you in installing a new hot tub and also help you in not just inspecting it but also ensure its safe installation.

  • Lighting

We help you plan and also install the right kind of lighting options for your home making it look at its best. We have got the best electrical technicians in Denver.

  • Service Upgrades

Facing electrical issues? Need to replace worn out parts? Fret not, as at New Electric our experts offer you with the best electric service upgrades according to your specific need.

  • Vehicle Charging Stations

Not sure how to install a vehicle charging system at your home? With us, the whole process is quite seamless and easy.

  • Whole House Electrical Inspection

At New Electric, we can also do the inspection of the whole house ensuring the proper functioning of all electrical systems according to their safety & security standards.