We are pleased to announce that New Electric was chosen as the Phase 2 contractor for the new Gypsum biomass power plant in Gypsum, CO.  In this stage of the project,  we provide interior wiring and lighting of this innovative renewable energy plant operated by Holy Cross energy in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service.

The Gypsum biomass plant is the first project of its kind in Colorado: a clean, renewable energy production facility using plant materials as fuel to create heat or energy.  The Gypsum operation uses wood from dead, locally available beetle-kill pine trees on public lands as its fuel source.  The biomass plant will generate enough energy to power the Gypsum wallboard manufacturing operation, and will produce an additional 10KW of electricity annually that will feed back into the Holy Cross Energy electrical grid.

This endeavor is more creative and complex than many of New Electric’s typical building projects.  The complicated wiring infrastructure encourages the electrical contractor to think outside the box, as the project necessitates creating the labyrinth of wiring and almost artistic arrangement of steel tubes that houses the wiring.  All of the components of the Phase 2 electrical build are custom designed and manufactured for this unique project.

New Electric has long been touted for its devoted mission to provide superior customer service and innovative technology to both residential and commercial applications.  Their team of licensed electricians with an average 20 years of experience and training was the obvious local choice for this renewable biomass energy plant.

More information about the Gypsum BioMass Plant project

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