If you love to save on money on your electric bill each month, get a dimmer switch for the rooms in your home. These safe and effective lighting fixtures allow you to control the amount of light you let in to a room. Whether you’re putting a baby to sleep or want to leave a little light on while you’re not home, you are in control of how much light goes in to your home.


Where and What to Dim?

It’s thought that only dining rooms and hallways use dimmer switches. And that’s what may be in your mind when you think of dimming lights, but homeowners are using dimmer switches in places like kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms, too.

There are many dimmer light fixtures to choose from 3-way to multi-location, so you’ll need to choose carefully and be sure of the correct wattage needed for each room. The bedroom is a place to sleep and needs adequate light. With an adjustable switch you can set the relaxing mood for the end of the day or brighten the room when you need to. The kitchen almost always needs a specific area for bright light and dimmer lights are perfect over islands and stoves where food prep is constant.

Prolonged Bulb Life

Using a dimmer switch in each room can actually prolong the life of your light bulbs because of less heat being omitted from the bulb which means energy being used more efficiently. But you do need the right kind of dimming light bulbs. You’ll need to get specific CFL dimming bulbs to prevent having a fire hazard.

Controlled Atmosphere

Dimming lights are perfect for if your business is a spa or salon. These type of businesses often accompany the feelings of being relaxed and comfortable and with dimming lights, that’s precisely what you can achieve. Home entertainment rooms often have dimming adjustable lighting to prevent glare on the movie screen or to set the mood for gathering everyone together.

Your Commercial Business Needs

Not just for your residential home, these energy-efficient fixtures offer your employees a comfortable atmosphere at work! Dimmer lights are non-invasive and create a relaxed atmosphere for your employees to work productively and efficiently through the duration of their work day. Perhaps you have a medical office with blaring, invasive lights. Sitting in the waiting room can make even the most patient people become nervous and impatient. Adjustable dimming lights are the perfect element for creating a peaceful and calming surrounding while your patients wait their turn.

Whether you’re looking for a whole home lighting rewire or just to adjust the lighting in one room, a licensed electrician Denver contractor can help you choose the right dimmer for your needs. New Electric offers round-the-clock electrical care for both commercial and residential customers! Contact them today for more energy-efficient lighting options.