Most of us Coloradans can’t imagine life without electricity. It provides us with the ability to microwave our food, keep our house safe at night with lights, and stay entertained with television. Because electricity is such a normal part of most Coloradan’s lives, we often don’t think about how it’s installed, and more importantly, who is installing it. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to be the often unsung hero of electricity in Colorado: a master electrician

What does a master electrician do? 

Master electricians in Colorado have the experience and skill to install, maintain, and fix some of the most complex electrical systems. They are the leaders in the field and often supervise other electricians and give feedback to them. Master electricians often own their own businesses and are licensed to work as a contractor on projects of the new building and large construction. 

Because of the professional skill to fix the most complex electrical systems, they are often called upon to solve challenging situations, including power outages, difficult repair projects, and complex electrical system installation. They ensure the job site meets safety guidelines and electrical code requirements, and they have a strong communication skill and understanding of business principles.

What’s a typical day like for a master electrician? 

Typical everyday tasks of a master electrician in Colorado include the following: 

  • Supervising, consulting on, and troubleshooting complex electrical equipment
  • Determining the cause of control and power system failures
  • Overseeing other vendors and contractors and serving as their technical point of view
  • Monitoring and evaluating equipment operation and energy efficiency
  • Monitoring all processes and procedures to anticipate future needs

How do you become a master electrician in Colorado? 

In order to reach master electrician status, candidates must first enroll in and complete their degree at a trade school. Once they have their certificate, they can apply to become an apprentice. During their apprenticeship, they will select an area they want to continue training in: residential, industrial, voice data, and/or video technician. Apprenticeships are typically 4-5 year programs, but apprentices are paid to work and learn during this time. 

After the apprenticeship is completed, the apprentice can test to become a journeyman electrician. If they pass, they can then work on their own, as long as it is in accordance to Colorado laws and requirements. However, the upwards journey doesn’t stop there. 

A journeyman still technically works under a master electrician, as they cannot get permits by themselves. Instead, they must work under those issued to a master electrician in Colorado, following their set plans and direction. 

The final step in this education process is becoming a master electrician. In order to reach this goal, the apprenticeship, as well as 2,000 hours in the field, must be completed. The potential master electrician must also apply for his or her license through the State Electrical Board of Divisions of Professions and Occupations. Once they pass, they can freely work for themselves or another company as a master electrician in Colorado. 

Master electricians in Colorado are extremely important, as our weather is unpredictable, causing many electrical issues. These issues can be very serious and should be handled by the most educated electricians in the state. If you’re looking for a master electrician who can provide you with professional electrical work in Colorado, contact New Electric today!